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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 7/30: "Peaches & Hydrangeas" *SOLD*

"Peaches & Hydrangeas" *SOLD*
Oil on Board   $400
Today completes the first week of the 30 Paintings Challenge.  It has truly been motivating...especially when you add being sick with a cold? flu? in the mix!  
I'm really enjoying it and it has been fun at the end of the day to visit Leslie Saeta's blog, "Slices of Life", and check out what all the other participating artists have done.  I imagine them all working away in their studios just like me.  I wonder if they are having the same issues with 'blogger' that I am.  Still having issues with uploading photos...that's one reason this one is so BIG! 
Today's painting was done from photos I took this past summer at the Montgomery Curb Market, one of my favorite subjects.  Although I usually paint figures perusing the farmers' wares, sometimes I like to paint the produce and flowers.  Next month, I'll have work in the Trinity School Spotlight on Art in Atlanta and thought peaches might be a good subject for this event.
Looking forward to what the next few weeks bring to the easel!


Martha Lever said...

Beautiful painting, Barbara!
I grew up in West Point, GA, about a hour from you

Barbara said...

Oh, wow! Yes, I have been to West Point! So you're a Georgia Peach! :)

Fay Terry said...

Hi Barbara, this is one of the prettiest peach paintings I have seen. I live in the Sandhills area of North Carolina and we also have lots of peach farms.

Jenny Dobbs Nelson said...

I love this painting...truly magnificent. It is truly a "Southern" painting. My daughter, Savannah, and husband were both born in, this painting really pulls at a heartstring for me.

Barbara said...

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate you looking and your kind comments!