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Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 3/30: "Coloring"

Day 3/30:  "Coloring"  6"x6"  Oil on Board
For some reason, I'm having trouble posting the image to my blog.  Blogger doesn't give me a "browser" box to upload from.  Anybody ever had that problem?
Oil on Board   $150
I was inspired to paint these crayons after watching a series of great demos by Daniel Keys on You Tube.  He is so young and so incredibly talented!  If you're an artist, check it out.  I'm sure you would love watching! 
At first, I just painted the crayons and then, feeling like it needed more color spread around, I decided to put in markings as if a little one had just left.  Is there anything like a box of Crayolas?  Most artists I know give credit to Crayola for giving them their start.  I still have a huge stash!


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Great painting - I really enjoy the 'natural' feel to this. I get to see this scene alot when my grandkids come to visit!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Claire! :)