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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Greens of Huntingdon College

I did this 8"x10" plein air painting this past Saturday on the campus of Huntingdon College in Montgomery. It's such a peaceful campus...especially during spring break! ;)
It didn't start out so peacefully because I got the first bee sting of my life before I even set up! Ouch!! After that subsided a bit, I could focus more on painting.
Great weather...perfect for painting outside!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the Easel *SOLD*

Here's one that has been on the easel and off the easel for a couple of weeks. I move it from the easel to the living room to another room...looking at the light, changing things here and there. I've used some glazing techniques on this which is something I don't usually do and it's been interesting to see the effects. I wanted to achieve the sense of humidity that we get here in Alabama.

I'm taking it with me to Art Talk tonight at the Montgomery Museum. This is a great program where local artists meet every couple of months and discuss and critique each other's art. They'll let me know if I'm on track!