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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Primaries & The Blue Plate

I've been working furiously on a steady stream of commissions.  I am very thankful for the work, but yesterday I was just about to bust to paint simply for painting's sake! 

I've been watching my hydrangeas for weeks observing the growth of the pale green buds, counting them to see just how many big beautiful lavender blue blossoms would soon be ready to arrange and paint!  Then, well, disaster struck in flower-land.  We had the house washed Tuesday morning and the chemicals from that damaged those beautiful buds and turned them an ugly brown.  So yesterday, dodging raindrops which I hope rinsed & refreshed them enough to revive them, I picked the two that were in bloom with only brown tinged petals and they become my subject for the the painting in the upper right hand corner.  

I added my favorite blue and white plate to the mix as I have on a couple of other paintings this spring & realized that I had a pretty nice grouping of the primary colors!  

"Something Blue"

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Thank you, as always, for looking!