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Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 28-29-30/30: Catching Up and Finishing Up!!!

Four Little Apples
Oil on Board

Color Block Apples I
Oil on Board

Color Block Apples II
Oil on Panel
Whew!  Done!  I was out of town and didn't have access to post these last paintings the past few days, so here's the caboose!  I started with apples and ended with apples.  I just love Carol Marine (who doesn't!?) and her apple paintings.  Seeing online how she has her workshop students take an apple and paint it in ten minutes over and over, I thought I would give it a go.  That's what I did for the "Four Little Apples" and then set up a few apple compositions to finish out my apple practice and the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.
So this weekend, I was in Bentonville, Arkansas and bought a bunch of apples fresh from the farm and can't wait to taste them.  I also was able to visit Crystal Bridges Museum again!  I NEVER get tired of it!  It is amazing!  Thankfully, my husband loves it, too!
Thank you all who have followed along and encouraged!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 26/30: Z is for Zinnias!

"Zesty Zinnias"
Oil on Board
We made it to "Z" in the alphabet paintings! I'm so glad I thought of zinnias and wasn't stuck with zebra or zipper!!  I told my sister I think "Z" is going to stand for Zzzzzzz's so I can take a nice long nap to recover from the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!  No time to rest, though!  I completed my alphabet series, but I still have 4 more paintings to complete the 30 days challenge. 
So, I going to count this little study of a zinnia (Painting #27) that I did before I painted the bunch of zinnias above!
"Pink Zinnia Study"
Oil on Board
To celebrate the end of the alphabet, I'm having a little contest.  The first person to go to my business page on Facebook - that's Barbara Davis Art - and tell me what I painted for the letter "P" will win this little pink zinnia study (Painting #27)!  It's thickly painted and wet right now, so it'll be a few days before I can deliver it or ship it, but good luck!
I also painted ahead a bit because I'll be away from the easel and hopefully will have Paintings #28, #29 & #30 complete before day's end!!
Thank you so much for looking and encouraging me and singing the ABC's with me! ;)
If you are interested in purchasing the bouquet of zinnias, please click here:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 25/30: Y is for Yellow Fields of Yesteryear

"Yellow Fields of Yesteryear" *SOLD*
Oil on Board

Today's painting is for "Y"...."Yellow Fields of Yesteryear".  I pulled on the huge collection of photos I have for this subject matter.  The reference photo was taken on a farm near Newnan, Georgia a few years ago in the beautiful springtime.  It was a very 'yellow' day...not just because of the yellow fields, but also the new growth on the trees was that bright yellow-green of early spring and the sun was shining so brightly. A happy memory! Yellow is a happy color!

We are getting very close to the end of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge and just one more day left in the alphabet series.  There were times when I didn't think I'd make it through!  The past few days, I've painted like a crazy lady...painting ahead a bit because I'll be away from the old easel for the last few days of the month.  I've actually done 30 already this month when you also count the wedding reception paintings I've completed.  I guess technically my goal has been met, but I didn't want to include the wedding paintings in the challenge. 
It has been great fun and a huge learning experience!

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click here:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 24/30: X is for XP

Oil on Board
No x-rays or xylophones here to commemorate the letter "X" as I paint through the alphabet.  No, today I painted a beautiful church we have visited often with a great congregation, ChristchurchXP.
XP (or Chi Rho) is the "monogram", if you will, for Jesus Christ.  For a great explanation, I've copied this passage from the ChristchurchXP website:
What appears to be an “XP” in the Christchurch insignia is not something borrowed from the world of advertising. Its origin and significance is actually far older, nearly two thousand years older in fact.
It’s an early form of the CHI RHO, one of the very first monograms or symbols for Jesus Christ, used by believers as the Christian movement began to spread throughout the Roman Empire. The common language for most people then was Greek, so these two Greek letters became a recognizable symbol. The “X” is the Greek letter CHI (pronounced as the “K” sound, as in KIGH) and what looks like a “P” is the Greek letter RHO (the sign for “R” and pronounced ROE).
They comprised the first two letters of the word “Christos” or Christ, and became an abbreviated symbol for the faith. In a time when there was great risk in being identified as a Christian because of the early Church’s status as an illegal religion, knowing what the CHI RHO meant and using it was a life and death necessity in the Roman Empire. It became a secret password and sign for the early followers of Jesus, a covert means whereby believers could identify and communicate with each other without being found out.
The CHI RHO is an even older Christian symbol than the Cross, and was felt to be an appropriate symbol for Christchurch, where we are committed to upholding ancient Truth, as we offer what it has always promised: the hope of new life.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." 
Revelation 22:13

Thank you for reading and looking.  If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click here to go to my website:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 23/30: W is for Wild Women in the Wind at The Waters

"Wind and Water"
Oil on Panel
Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of getting together to paint with my artist friend, Durinda Cheek.  Durinda's work brings her to Montgomery on occasion and, when she was done for the day, we set out to do some plein air work.  I took her to one of my favorite spots....The Waters in Pike Road.  It is so beautiful and Friday was no exception.  Beautiful skies, nice temperatures in the shade, a good breeze.  Maybe using "wind" in the title was a stretch, but it WAS more than just a little breeze.  There was enough wind to toss the clouds around and make the moss move in the trees and enough for me to chase a paint-covered paper towel a little distance. 
Here's a photo of Durinda & our set ups:
So, since this one was painted ahead, I can start on X today!  Wondering what that will be?
See you tomorrow and thanks for looking!  If you are interested in purchasing this painting, you can click here:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 22/30: V is for Veggies

"Veggie Pickers"
4"x 4"
Oil on Canvas
Here is a little scene from one of my favorite places to paint...the Montgomery Curb Market...where you can find the freshest vegetables around!  You can find wonderful things all year long, but things really hop here in the summer months where we all go home with bags of corn, squash, tomatoes, peas, okra.  I usually go just with the intention of getting maybe peas and tomatoes, but walk out with enough to keep me cooking all weekend and eating all week!
So, I'm glad painting through the alphabet brings me to the letter "V" and gives me a chance to paint it again on the last day of summer....I think fall just started a few minutes ago actually!
Thank you for looking and if you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click here:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 21/30: U is for Umbrella

"Underneath the Umbrellas" *SOLD*
Oil on Board

Unfortunately, these aren't the kind of umbrellas we need around here today as it is pouring rain, but that's okay because I've felt like I was in a sunny spot painting this!  I cherish the hours spent with just this view....the gulf, the white sand, people-watching....taking it all in until you start to doze, lulled by the sound of the waves.   Oh, I wish I was there right now!

Just a few more days left in the alphabet series and I have them all in my mind!  This has been a lot of fun and I'm so thankful for all of you who have looked at the paintings and commented.
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 20/30: T is for Tootsie Pop

"Toot, Toot, Tootsie"
Oil on Panel
Maybe you can tell from my paintings, but I love the Oreos, Cokes, hot dogs....not even so much for the taste, but for the constancy.  So here's another...the beloved Tootsie Pop.  I don't think it's changed in all these years other than a faint bar code of some sort printed on the stick which I don't remember noticing before! 
Want to see that old 1970's commercial for the Tootsie Pop that let us know "the world may never know" how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?  Here's a link to it on You Tube:
And, if you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link to take you to my website and thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 19/30: S is for Sea & Sky

"Sea and Sky"
Oil on Panel
Making progress on the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!  I cannot believe we are already on day 19.  It'll be October before we know it!  September and October are my absolute favorite times to go to the beach.  The weather is perfect, it's not so crowded and the water is still warm.  Painting through the alphabet brings me to the letter 'S' today and a scene I've painted before so it's nice to be in my comfort zone.  My favorite thing to paint is the sky and though technically this is the Gulf of Mexico, I'll call it "the sea" today in the interest of the good old letter 'S'.  
Thank you for looking and if you are interested in purchasing this painting, please follow this link to my website:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 18/30: R is for Rosemary Reading....and an "All Things Southern" post

"Rosemary Reading" *SOLD*
8" x 8"
Oil on Board
Private Collection
As I thought about what to paint for "R", I remembered Karin Jurick's "reader" paintings and thought that might be fun to try - especially since we have in Montgomery one of the best bookstores in the state.  Capitol Book & News is a local treasure and always has been....
at least since 1950 when it opened!
So - tying in with my "All Things Southern" feature which I have posted on Wednesdays for the past few months, I thought it would be a great post to mention our Southern literary heritage.  William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Flannery O'Connor...and more and more and more Southern writers who have written classics.  Capitol Books & News is our go-to store for Southern literature and a whole lot more!
What happens when your family has one of the oldest, best bookstores in town?  You develop an early love of reading and an early knack for reading! I got to photograph this precious little reader yesterday at the bookstore in her "bookstore dress", as she called it, reading to her stuffed animal, Jelly Cat (hope I spelled Jelly Cat right!).
As always, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 17/30: Q is for Quittin' Time!

"Quittin' Time"
Oil on Board
Dedicated to clock-watchers everywhere...."Quittin' Time!" 
 As they say, it's 5:00 somewhere and in this little painting it's always 5:00!
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click this link to take you to my website:
Thanks for you should probably get back to work! ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 16/30: P is for a Pair of Pears

"A Pair of Pears"
Oil on Board
Here we are in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge at Letter "P" and I picked a pair of pretty pears to paint. more p's, I promise....I mean, I pledge.  Okay, maybe just probably no more p's.
As always, thanks for looking and if you are interested in, buying.... this, work of art.....please.....I mean, here:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 15/30: O is for Oreo

"Lunchbox Love" *SOLD*
Oil on Panel
Oreos are very nostalgic to me.  My red plaid lunchbox that went with me to first grade usually had Oreos in it for dessert.  They were the after school snack at friends' houses and what we had with fruit punch at Vacation Bible School at mid-morning.  In this rapidly changing world, the few things that haven't changed tend to make me slow down a bit and comfort me and remind me of simpler days....even if sometimes it's just  a little cream-filled cookie.
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link to take you to my website:
Thank you for looking!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 14/30: N is for News

Oil on Board
I wish I had more time to work on this one today....but football games beckon, the dinner bell is about to ring....time to put the paintbrush down until tomorrow.  There's a lot I'd like to do with it, but at least I painted today, right??  So, this one is N for sweet hubby reading the paper.  He does not like to model...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 13/30: M is for M&Ms!

"Mmmmmm!"  *SOLD*
Oil on Board
We are now halfway through the series of alphabet paintings!  Today, for "M", I chose that good old classic: M&Ms!  These were really a lot of fun to paint and I'll probably do more.  Gives me a great excuse to stock up on M&Ms! 
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link to take you to my website:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 12/30: L is for Leaf

"Indian Summer"
Oil on Panel
Day 11 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days adventure and I'm on the letter "L" as I work my way through painting the alphabet... 
By mid-September I am completely ready for fall!  Two weeks ago, I didn't want summer to end.  I'm fickle. 
I really love Autumn and look for signs of it in early September.  The yellow butterflies appear, the daylight grows shorter, and the light takes on a slightly more golden cast especially in the afternoon.  My imagination takes over, however, when I look at the leaves. I imagine that these little guys aren't victims of the latest heatwave, but that they are 'autumn leaves'. 
I found this pretty golden leaf and decided to paint it for 'L' ode to Indian Summer as we transition into Autumn.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 11/30: K is for Kisses

"Kiss Me Once and Kiss Me Twice and Kiss Me Once Again" *SOLD*
3" x 5"
Oil on Panel
Day 11 of painting through the alphabet for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge brings us to "K" and I chose kisses for today.  Don't they just make you happy?
They are always a challenge to paint for me because it's so tempting and easy to get bogged down in all the little folds of foil....and you just can't do it.  You have to simplify.  I think I could learn so much if I just painted one a day as an exercise.  That would give me a daily painting, a daily piece of chocolate and a daily kiss.  What else to you need?
Kisses to you today and thank you for looking!
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link to take you to my website:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 10/30: J is for Jar / All Things Southern

"Hope in a Jar"
Oil on Gesso Board
If you follow my blog, you know that for the past few months every Wednesday I post a special "All Things Southern" Feature.  During the month of September, I've been participating in a 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, so I've detoured a bit, but I'm making a slight effort to do something through the week that could be one of our Southern treasures.  The Mason jar certainly is!  Not only do some of the most loved Southern produce get put up in these for the winter, they double as tea glasses, flower vases, "spare change holders" name it!  So, that's why I've named it "Hope in a Jar".  I think of how it serves as a piggy bank for so many kids or how my grandmothers put up peas, preserves, relishes in them so we could enjoy them at Christmas. 
Now, if the point of this 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is to make me stretch, then let me just say, "OUCH!"  I wiped this off three times before I finally decided I could go with it.  The thing is you have the ever-irritating ellipsis to deal with; the glass; the reflective surface of the lid; and the challenge to get it done quickly because it's a daily painting thing....not a weekly painting thing!
After painting melting ice cream yesterday and this jar today, I probably should have gone for the "30 Things You'll Probably Never Paint Again" Challenge!
As always, I thank you for looking and if you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link to go to my website:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 9/30: I is for "I Scream"...uh, I mean "Ice Cream"

"I'm Melting!"
Oil on Board
Ok, artist buddies: Want a little exercise in learning to paint faster?  Paint an ice cream cone under a hot lamp!  I knew it would have to move along quickly, so I started on the cone without the ice cream first and then popped the ice cream in and said, "GO!"  Well, it went!
So, I was torn between calling this one "Ice Cream" or "I Scream" I just settled on that old Wicked Witch of the West quote, "I'm Melting!"!
Get it now!  Limited edition!  It may be the ONLY ice cream I ever paint!
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click here on a link that will take you to my website:
Thanks for looking!  I appreciate it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8/30: H is for Hot Dog!

"Hot Dog!"  *SOLD*
Oil on Gesso Board
Hungry? ....ah...another "h' word!  Funny how the letter of the day pops up unexpectedly as I talk about the painting.  One week through the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge and here we are at the letter 'h'.  Today it stands for "Hot Dog!"
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please follow this link to my website:
Thanks so much for looking!  I appreciate you following along!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 7/30: G is for Golf and the Goofy Girl

"The Golfer"
Oil on Panel
Knowing I wanted to paint a golfer for my "G" painting in the alphabet series, I set out to photograph a golfer this morning.  I live in a golf course neighborhood, so that should be easy, right? do I do this without unnerving the golfers.  I don't want to say, "Hey, guys, I'm a painter and I want to paint some golfers.  Do you mind if I take your picture?"  Not on a Saturday morning when all they want to do is think about their game, I'm sure., I'll just find some, get in a good spot, use my zoom lens and no one will be the wiser. 
So, I find the perfect little tucked away spot.  I've super zoomed and I'm taking pictures.  I hear a horn in the distance it seems as "Girl on Fire" blares on the radio.  I snap away.  I hear a horn again.  I snap away.  I turn and put my camera down and only then do I realize I've been blocking someone's driveway and they're trying to get out.  G stands for Good Grief....was I embarrassed.  I looked like a stalker or some girlfriend private investigator!
So, if you're in my neighborhood, please excuse me!  I'm not a freak....just a goofy girl with a zoom lens....gee.....
If you are interested in buying this painting of my latest victim, please click on the link below:
Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6/30: F is for Friends

Oil on Gesso Board
Painting through the alphabet has brought me to the letter "f" and this one is for friends!
Pictured here - my niece and her little friend.  They love each other like sisters, fight like sisters, play like sisters.  Maybe it's been a few days since they last saw each other, but they run to each other and hug as if it had been years when they meet again!  I love that they are holding hands and you can see it in the shadow that they cast.  They have been good models for me....except on Saturday.  They say,  "It's Saturday!  We CAN'T sit still on Saturday!" 
Love 'em!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5/30: E is for Egg

"I'm Broke"
Oil on Gesso Board   $175
Today, E almost stood for Empty Eggless Easel....Eyes glazed over, Eternally dissatisfied.  Arrrgggh!
This one was not easy.  I worked too long on it. I should have just tried to do it quickly and be done, but I'd take a photo and see something that was too dark or too light or too whatever and go back to the easel.  Finally, I think I'm okay with it.  Whew!
So now E stands for ...the End!
Thanks for looking and if you are interested in purchasing this painting, you can click on this link:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4/30: D is for Dog

"A Good Dog"
6" x 6"
Oil on Board
This little fellow is Edgar.  One of the neat byproducts of plein air painting is meeting some really nice people while you're painting.  Now, you can also meet some real nuts, let me tell you, but this little guy's owner is a wonderful man who stopped by to see what I was painting a few years ago out on the beautiful grounds of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  He asked if I painted pets and if he could commission me to paint Edgar.  Of course!  What a pretty and good dog!  Knowing I wanted to paint a dog for today's "D" painting, I went through my photos and there was little Edgar in the sunshine.  I hope he's doing well these days!
This post also doubles as my "All Things Southern" feature this week because the South is definitely a 'dog loving' region! 
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click on this link which will take you to the page on my website:
Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3/30: C is for Coffee *Sold*

"Wake Cup"
Oil on Gesso Board
So many of my favorite things start with C:  clouds, Christmas, color, chocolate, camellias, chicken, cooking, cheese, children are some of them....and, of course, coffee!  Hard to choose, but I really do enjoy painting cups of coffee and so many of us can relate to the daily ritual that helps us get our bearings every morning.   I admit it, I'm addicted.  Are you?
I could paint another cup of coffee tomorrow for "D"...for 'divine' or 'devotion' or 'delicious' or 'drug'!
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Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 2/30: B is for Baseball

"For the Boys of Summer" *SOLD*
Oil on Gesso Board   $175
This one I was scurrying to do this morning!  I had a lot of "B" words to choose from Because I'm Burning the candle at Both ends to get ready for our college Buddy and his Bride who are eating lunch with us!  So, I've also Been cleaning Bathrooms & Baseboards and Baking cornBread and Brownies and Barbecue (Baby Back ribs to Be exact) and Baked Beans!  I Better quit Beating around the Bush and say "Bye"....they'll Be here Before I know it!!
If you interested in purchasing this painting, please visit my website at this link:
Thank you!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge - Round 2!! Day 1/30 "A is for Apple"

"A is for Apple"
Oil on Gesso Board
Well, call me crazy, but I've taken on the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge (Round 2)!  Back in January, artist/blogger/blog talk radio host Leslie Saeta challenged artists everywhere to commit to painting 30 paintings in 30 days.  I did it then and it was great!  I was totally committed....even during a bad cold!  I was really proud of myself for seeing that through!
So, Leslie did it again.  She has challenged us for the month of September and I'm doing it.  It was a really good experience and I'm glad I did it.  I hope I can say the same at the end of September!  January is a lot slower paced than September.  I'm scared.
To give myself a plan, I've decided to work through the alphabet....a painting each day representing a order.  I know....that's only 26 paintings, but since I chose the alphabet as sort of a 'back to school' thing I thought I'd start with an apple and end with four paintings of an apple or apples. 
This apple is dedicated to all those teachers out there who are committed to their jobs and their students.  They work so hard and usually for so little.  God bless you and give you a wonderful school year filled with happy days, obedient children, thankful parents, coffee, chocolate and peaceful nights and weekends!
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click this link to take you to my website:
Thank you for looking!