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Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 9/30: I is for "I Scream"...uh, I mean "Ice Cream"

"I'm Melting!"
Oil on Board
Ok, artist buddies: Want a little exercise in learning to paint faster?  Paint an ice cream cone under a hot lamp!  I knew it would have to move along quickly, so I started on the cone without the ice cream first and then popped the ice cream in and said, "GO!"  Well, it went!
So, I was torn between calling this one "Ice Cream" or "I Scream" I just settled on that old Wicked Witch of the West quote, "I'm Melting!"!
Get it now!  Limited edition!  It may be the ONLY ice cream I ever paint!
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click here on a link that will take you to my website:
Thanks for looking!  I appreciate it!


Helen Griffiths said...

Hi Barbara, I love that you're following the alphabet for your 30 in 30 challenge. I can't wait to see the rest.
It certainly is a challenge to paint ice cream. At least you didn't wimp out like me and take a photo :P

Barbara said...

Tanks, Helen! It's been fun to try and come up with something to paint everyday....but, yes, no more frozen stuff! :)

Barbara said...

I meant "thanks", of course!! :)

Cathyann Burgess said...

Fun post and very nice work, Barbara! This is a fun challenge,isn't it?

Barbara said...

Thank you, Cathyann! Yes, it is fun!!