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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 14/30: "Shugah"

Day 14/30: "Shugah"  5"x7" - Yesterday, "buttuh",  today, "shugah".  I thought of Paula Deen yesterday while painting; today I think of my sweet Daddy, who probably has used that term of endearment more than anyone ever.  I'm surprised I didn't think my name was actually, "Bahbruh, Shugah" while growing up.  Big Southern accent with an even bigger dose of love!
5" x 7"
Oil on Board
Another glass & reflective surface painting!  It's always a challenge, but always so much fun!
Today while painting, I thought about my Daddy repeatedly.  I don't know how many of my blog readers/lookers are from the South, but down here you get called "shugah" a good bit.  Daddy usually ALWAYS added "shugah" to our names.  He has Alzheimer's now and can't always remember our names, but you can bet he still calls us "Shugah"! 
Thanks for looking!


Kellie Chasse said...

Love it Barbara! Enjoying seeing everyone's 30 day challenge! Now following your blog :)

Barbara said...

Thanks, Kellie! Isn't it fun? I may have to keep this up to give followers something to see!