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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 16/30: "Kisses" *SOLD*

Day 16/30: "Kisses" 4"x4" - This is the fourth in my food group series (butter, sugar, coffee, chocolate)!  3 Hershey's kisses have 66 calories.  Real kisses have zero calories.  MWAH!
"Kisses" *SOLD*
4" x 4"
Oil on Board
Cute little kisses.  They look so harmless, don't they?  The little creatures are hard to paint!  That crumpled up foil....arggghh! 
The next time I will really try to simplify a lot more.  The problem is, I think, that you can divide light and shadow - as much as you can for a highly reflective surface - and try to eliminate detail, but it's the detail that gives "the kiss" its characteristic look. I'd love to hear what other artists have to say and how you may have tackled the problem.
I do have a WHOLE BAG of kisses now....paint 'em, eat 'em, love 'em!
Thanks for looking!


Bruce Bingham said...

Nice grays!

Bruce Bingham said...

Nice grays!

Jessica said...

oh kisses! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks!! I appreciate you looking & commenting!

Kellie Chasse said...

I love them!!
Can relate....I painted an orange today and the texture was hard for me to achieve with watercolors.