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Thursday, May 2, 2013

"As the Clouds Rolled In"

"As the Clouds Rolled In"
Oil on Canvas (Gallery Wrapped)
I live on the very edge of the city and thankful to be able to be in beautiful countryside in just minutes, so when I see the sky changing or beautiful clouds rolling in, I grab my camera and my keys and go!  Sometimes my Facebook friends will alert me to a great "paintable sky" and I just love that!  I'll get posts like "Go look at the sky! Quick!" and many friends send me photos of beautiful skies.
  Once I ran into a friend at a store and we were both trying on boots.  She finished up and left the store.  The next thing I knew, she was running back to me shouting, "Take off those boots and come see this guy now!  Quick!"  I was throwing boots off thinking "What guy??"  George Clooney or somebody??"  No, my ears failed me.  She was urging me to come outside and see "the sky" not "this guy"!! 

I appreciate the encouragement from friends and the fact that they're engaged in what I love to do!! 


Robin Roberts said...

Beautiful painting of a sky Barbara. I bet you could hide a guy in there too if you really wanted. I hope you are well. Say hey to John for me. It was great to meet him and see you again. Perhaps we will cross paths again some day.

Barbara said...

Hi, Robin! Thank you! So good to see you, too! Didn't we have a great time? I loved the tv spot you garnered on the way home! Hope to see you again next year!

Sharon L. Graves said...

I love skies and this is a beauty.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Sharon!