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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Things

"Summer Things"
Oil on Canvas
So....Yesterday I set up this still life in my studio.  This morning I'm cleaning the kitchen and see one tomato on the counter.  I'm the only tomato-eater here and I knew I hadn't eaten any.  I couldn't imagine why my husband would throw out perfectly good tomatoes!  Did someone break in and eat the tomatoes?  Did my husband give someone the tomatoes?  I just couldn't figure out how a bunch of tomatoes just disappears!  I guess I've been inhaling too much turpentine or something because, I swear, it took me a few minutes before I remembered where they were!!  Good grief!
ANYWAY, I'm getting a lot of mileage out these sunflowers and I'm really enjoying painting them!
If you're in my area, I'll be at "Art on the Lake" this weekend at Children's Harbor on Lake Martin and I would love to see you!  It's Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 10-2! 


mary maxam said...

Rich and beautiful color!love this

Barbara said...

Thank you so much, Mary!

Sharon L. Graves said...

love the color combo. sounds like something I would have done only I paint in acrylic so I can't even blame it on turp.

Barbara said...

LOL @ Sharon! Brain cells....really wish they would stick around!