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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 21/30: "Play Time"

"Play Time"
Oil on Board

For today's painting...the 21st in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge...I wanted to show my appreciation and love of the simple toys of childhood.  No electronic gadgets; nothing that talks back to us or that a has any sort of button to push.  

I bought these blocks for about $10 at Target many years ago to have on hand for nieces and nephews.  I never imagined that they would be the most popular toy in my 'toy closet'.  I thought they'd be boring.  We have stacked them, knocked them down, worked on our ABC's and spelling.  We've even hidden them in the yard like Easter eggs on many occasions! We had a little foot injury as they were strewn across the floor and they may or may not have been used a makeshift weapons by a kid or two.  

That little muslin bag in the closet holds more than a bunch of wooden cubes.  It holds a lot of memories for this aunt of sweet laughter and chubby fingers at work and play.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please click this link to go to my website:


Jiyoung Kim said...

Beautiful painting! I tried to paint crayons several times for this challenge but I couldn't get the composition that I like to paint. But your composition looks great!!

I also enjoyed your writing.

Barbara said...

Thank you so much! It's harder compositionally, I think, in a square format, too! Everything wants be in the middle! I also find the writing as difficult as the painting, so I really appreciate your comment!!

c.dingman said...

Very nice painting.

Barbara said...

Thank you!!