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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14/30: "Lunch in the Gump"

"Lunch in the Gump"
Oil on Panel

This one may take some explaining if you're not from around Montgomery.  I've painted today one of our most beloved restaurants, Chris' Hot Dogs.  Serving up hot dogs to hungry Montgomerians since 1917, this family-run restaurant is the oldest  in the city.  In the heart of downtown, it's a great lunch spot and you will find all walks of life there, elbow to elbow, greeted by some wonderful people!

What's "the Gump"?  Here you go:
Gump: N. (1) The center of Montgomery, Alabama, usually understood to be the land within the by-passes (boulevards) which encircle the inner city; (2) An affectionate self-deprecating term for the First Capitol of the Confederacy. "Let's go to the Gump tonight to see the Biscuits at Riverwalk." - from Lunch in the Gump's blog
(Further explanation:  "The Biscuits": Montgomery's baseball team; 
"Riverwalk": The stadium in which they play.)

Thank you as always for looking!
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martine paquet said...

Barbar, your painting shows a real cosy restaurant. I like the feeling of people coming and going, the bright colors, the movement...Very inviting!

Barbara said...

Thank you, Martine! It is one of those places where you sort of feel like you go back in time!