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Thursday, January 23, 2014

TedX - Arts Collaboration

First, I want to explain why my 30 Paintings in 30 Days have ceased.  Along about Day 15, I just felt deep in my heart that I should work on some bigger pieces and really focus my full attention on them.  So, I stopped at that point and have completed two and a half larger pieces!  Still painting all day, every day, but not on the 30/30 track!  Sorry for stopping, but I know you understand!

Second, I didn't want my head to hit the pillow tonight without blogging about the tonight's TedX River Region event held at Alabama State University!  The Montgomery Art Guild was asked to participate in this event last fall and we chose to honor four individuals in our area who are committed to the arts, who teach and inspire and encourage.  Linda Capelluzzo, publicity chairman of the Montgomery Art Guild, worked hard to organize this production and was the presenter tonight.  

Four artists painted a 4'x4' portrait in 4 hours and the entire process was captured on video and shown time-lapsed as the presentation was made about the importance of arts education and biographies of each of these individuals.  I was delighted to paint the bottom left hand painting of Kitty Seale with the Alabama Dance Theatre; Barrett Bailey painted the bottom right panel of musician Randy Foster; Marguerite Edwards painted the upper right painting of Tara Sartorius, a wonderful artist and educator; and Kellie Newsome painted the portrait in the upper left hand corner of Greta Lambert of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival! 

After editing, the presentation will be on YouTube and I can't wait to see it again! Isn't it cool how they all fit together?!  As you can see, we each had a 'main character' and a bit of another's face and an element reflecting one of the arts.  
It was really amazing to see it all come together and we loved honoring these great people!

Left to right: Barbara Davis, Marguerite Edwards, Barrett Bailey, Kellie Newsome
(In painting - clockwise from upper left - Greta Lambert, Tara Sartorius, Randy Foster, Kitty Seale)

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