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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Painting 10/30: "Sweethearts of Alpha Gam"

"Sweethearts of Alpha Gam"
Oil on Canvas

I'm a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta (Theta Beta Chapter/Auburn University Montgomery) and a few weeks ago, my baby sister, also an Alpha Gam, sent me word that our international headquarters is seeking art from Alpha Gams for the building.  So, I am planning on submitting this and something else I have in mind, if I can send more than one.  

Our colors are red, buff & green; red and yellow roses are our flowers.  Just seeing them together takes me back immediately to college days and those wonderful women I am privileged to call sisters....two of which ARE my actual sisters and one precious cousin who passed away at age 26. 

So, this is dedicated to all of my Alpha Gamma Delta sisters....the sweethearts of Alpha Gam!


Susan said...

What a beautiful painting. Stood right out on the 30 in 30.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Susan! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!