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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'All Things Southern' Feature: "Feels Like Home"

"Feels Like Home" 
20" x 30"
Oil on Canvas
The past week has been an incredible week of reunions...some planned, some not.  The arrival of a sorority sister from France was the catalyst for an impromptu luncheon reuniting a group of Alpha Gamma Delta sisters last Monday.  On Saturday, my sister and all of her kids and grandchildren were in town for the first time in years for a visit and it was a gathering of every single one of us except for one nephew and my father who is in a nursing home.  Tomorrow a second cousin is coming through town and I hope to see him, too!  Unprecedented! 
So that brings me to this piece which I've been painting on for the past few days (maybe I'm through with it; maybe not!).  I was thinking about all of them as I painted.  I wanted to capture the familiar moss and red clay roads of the South, but as I painted I began to think of their trip here.  My niece posted on Facebook as they drove home, "Sweet Home Alabama....the air even smells lovely!" 
So this one's for you, my dear family and friends, who live farther away than we would like. 
I hope you can look at it and it will take you down that red dirt road, past moss-laden trees,
toward the sun, toward home. 

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