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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'All Things Southern' Feature: "Barefoot Beauty"

Private Collection
One thing about the South (or just Montgomery....see 2nd paragraph!) that always seems to be a mystery to those outside the South/Montgomery (and maybe a mystery to some of us, too) is why the children are always barefoot.  Unless it is really cold...and I mean, REALLY are usually shoeless.  In their Sunday best.....shoeless.   In weddings.....shoeless.  I LOVE IT! 
Heirloom sewing (another Southern tradition altogether) and sweet feet complement each other beautifully and make a great portrait!
Maybe the heat's the reason.  I mean, it's just too hot to be comfortable in shoes most of the time! mother tells about our pediatrician who years ago always recommended that children go without shoes for their good health.  Maybe then all the mothers, upon seeing how adorable the kids are without shoes, just left them in the closet until absolutely necessary.  After searching the internet, it appears this may just be a Montgomery, Alabama thing! 
I'd love to hear your town's story if you have one! 
My latest sweet little neighbors!  My studio is near an entrance to their house and I paint by the window, so these sweethearts got to see their portrait being painted.  I love hearing, "Hey, Mrs. Barbara!" at the window and see them waving and on tiptoes (little bare tiptoes!) to see what I'm painting! 


martinealison said...


J'ai beaucoup aimé la petite histoire des "pieds nus" qui accompagne cette très belle oeuvre de vos enfants.
Bravo ! c'est une peinture sublime et tellement précieuse.
Une merveilleuse photo de famille...

Gros bisous à vous et pardonnez-moi si ces temps-ci je ne suis pas très présente ! Le bébé dalmatien + les expositions annuelles à préparer ce n'est pas toujours très facile à gérer !

Sharon L. Graves said...

lucky kids. It's funny, I think barefoot or not comes inbred in some children. I have two that never had their shoes off and two that never put them on. Beautiful portrait. Love the hair bow.

Barbara said...

I am so appreciative of your comments! Thank you both so much taking the time to look and read and comment! Love to you both! :)

Sue Marrazzo said...

GREAT painting!!!!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Sue!