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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"A Great Pair" *SOLD*

"A Great Pair" *SOLD*
Oil on Board
If you're not from around here (Alabama, that is), then you might be scratching your head on this last painting in the Famous Couple series.
To Alabamians, this sight says "Football!!"  Pairing Alabama-based Golden Flake potato chips and Coca-Cola.  Back in the day, this duo was advertised by the University of Alabama's, coach "Bear" Bryant, with the slogan "A great pair, says The Bear" and by Auburn University's coach, "Shug" Jordan, with the slogan, "What a team!" 
Like so many great Alabama romances, this happy couple met at a football game and the rest is history! 
Hope you've enjoyed this Famous Couples series! Happy Valentines Day! 

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