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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Peace of Quiet *SOLD*

"Peace of Quiet"   20"x16"  *Sold*
I have always been enthralled by the sky.  It's like a "stop and smell the roses" experience for me.  Life gets so busy and crazy.  With our noses to the grindstone and our eyes on the road and so many distractions in this life, it's easy to forget to look up and see the beauty all around us.  I imagine God made sunrises and sunsets so beautiful, so that we could have a glorious beginning and ending to our day....a time to stop and and reflect on the beauty of this earth.
The past few days have started out great...crisp fall air, beautiful sunshine, hope and promise...and then, well, things happen and the day starts to unravel and let's just say it's not like I thought it would be.  I've propped this one on the mantel and I'm hoping it will help put me in a better frame of mind.  When I paint the skies, one of my hopes is that it will take the viewer to a peaceful and thoughtful place.  This artist is the viewer in need of a lift today!  Peace to you, too!


martinealison said...

Comment résister à la beauté de votre ciel qui nous emporte à la rêverie ?...
Je me laisse guider par la forme de vos nuages et les couleurs si joliment nuancées.
Un gros bisou à vous

Barbara said...

My sweet friend - what a beautiful sentiment! It is much appreciated...especially on a day when much encouragement is needed. Bless your kind heart and many thanks!