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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hit or Miss!

"Distant Thunder"  20x16  $600
This painting, "Distant Thunder", is one I'm thinking of entering in an upcoming show depicting what we see so much of around here this time of year...a rain shower far across a field.  You can smell the rain, but it may or may not make it to your side of the street! "Hit or Miss Showers" the weathermen call them. 
Ironically, sort of like entering art shows.  You never know what the juror will want to include in the show.  It's hit or miss. You pack up your art...and your heart...and submit them hoping for "acceptance".  There are a lot of shows coming up in our area soon and lot of my artist friends will be laying it on the line again.  I just want to give them a dose of encouragement and support and tell them to never give up.  Keep painting, drawing, sculpting and submitting.  Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.  There's a quote I often think of when competitions roll around although I have no earthly idea who said it: "Don't take your failures or your successes too seriously!"  A good dose of humility and comfort for the hits and misses!


Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

I agree, Barbara. Shows are subjective for the juror. It's what they like or think will look good together or fit the theme, etc. A good painting will find its place- whether it is a show or a new home. Your cloud paintings always amaze me!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Durinda! I agree, too! It can be hard to keep your chin up and keep on keepin' on, but how do we progress if we don't right?!

Ricardo Marrero Delgado said...

I want to congratulate you on your works are wonderful and I hope they continue to enjoy your blog seguire, a watercolorist, a big hello.

Barbara said...

Thank you, Ricardo! ...and thank you for following my blog!