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Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Summer Pleasures *SOLD*

"Memoir" 8"x8"
My hydrangea bushes are full - and I mean FULL - of beautiful blue and lavender blooms!  They're gorgeous and I just had to paint them even though I don't do a lot of florals.  I put them in an old aqua colored mason jar - I love those things!

So, summer officially kicks off this weekend and I can't wait!  My studio already looks like summer is here with paintings of the lake, the curb market with all the bright fresh vegetables and fruit, and plein air scenes of the countryside...and now a few paintings of hydrangeas!  Hope your summer is filled with beautiful days of flowers, fireflies, homemade ice cream, swimming pools, hammocks, tall glasses of iced tea....ahhhh, you get the picture!! ;)

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