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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Turning Pink" *SOLD*

Days at Florida's panhandle make up so many memories of my life...the most beautiful beaches in the world are at my back door and I have always known how blessed I am to be so close. Words can't express the feelings I have when I think this could all be different for a very long time. This painting reminds me of the way my grandfather and father played with us endlessly in the water...the things so many families have shared on these white sands.


Karen's Fine Art said...

Hope all is well with you Barbara. I love the new beach painting! I wanted to let you know I put you as one of my favorite artists on my blog!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Karen! All is going well! Still thinking about jumping into eBay, but I am clueless. I'll add you to mine - if I can figure out how!
Hope you and your family are doing well!