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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of Blog

At last - I have set up a blog to post artwork! I would rather paint than just about anything and I can't wait to share paintings on my blog.

I admire so many artists who blog - Karen Jurick, Linda Blondheim, Carole Marine and Duane Keiser are some of my favorites. They are inspirations to me!

This painting is a recent one done of a couple of cows I saw. I loved the way the reflected light hit underneath their necks. The little one seems to say "What?", so that's what I named it!

Thanks for looking at my posts!


Karen said...

I saw this wonderful little guy and his momma cow at the old law library in Montgomery and he in fact was asking "What?". Great job, Barbara. I've enjoyed your website and your blog here. Keep us updated with new paintings as you put your creativity to work on canvas.

Rebecca J. Dunn said...

Hi, Barbara, I too, am fairly new to blogging! I'm doing it for several reasons, the best has been as a tool for self-discipline! I found you by checking out another blogger's 'followers'. Love your paintings and look forward to following your progress! Becky